Deep Clean – Homes

A true deep clean turns a messy home into a spotless home. Hitting every single spot on your Charlotte home is a true deep clean. If you are getting anything less than pristine home, then you are not getting a great deal. Your home in Charlotte, NC deserves a maid service that will get every single spec of dust, dirt, or smudge from top to bottom. We will break down exactly what you will receive when you book a deep clean through Maid in the QC. To schedule your flat rate deep clean, click here!


Your bathroom is the place you want to stay clean so stop worrying about it being dirty. A fresh clean bathroom in your Charlotte home or apartment makes getting ready in the morning or night even better. A breath of fresh air when you step out of the shower is what you deserve and Maid in the QC will get you a true deep clean. Each bathroom will receive the following attention to: bathtub and shower, toilet, baseboards, sinks, mirrors, light fixtures, dusting, trash, and inside and out of cabinets.

Our bathroom cleaning is as in depth as it gets. Having a bathroom that passes the white glove test will truly change your entire day. See a before and after of our deep clean on one of the worst bathtubs we have ever cleaned and let it speak for itself.

Bathtub deep cleaning. Before and after picture.


Your bedroom is where you feel the safest, so why not make it the cleanest place? When focusing on deep cleans for bedrooms, we make sure that everything is exactly perfect. A deep clean for your bedroom includes cleaning the following: floors, baseboards, dusting, trash, and making the bed.


The place where you prepare your food needs to be anything but dirty. Maid in the QC offer deep cleans to cover your kitchen from top to bottom with a full cleaning checklists. Cleaning a kitchen is a tedious and nasty job, so leave it to the pros and keep your feet up. Our checklist for kitchens include: appliances, sink, counter tops, cabinets, range top, floors, trash, dusting, and any light fixtures.

A spotless kitchen after a deep clean in Charlotte, NC

Common Areas

Common areas, you know, the place that all of your visiting company sees? What better way to impress them when they come to Charlotte than with a completely spotless home? Deep cleaning your common areas include: vacuuming furniture, dusting, wet wipes where needed, floors, baseboards, cobwebs, return vents, light fixtures or fans, door frames, entryway glass windows, trash, and general straightening of your home. You will impress your guest with a great looking and smelling home or apartment.

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