Realtor Cleaning

Cleaning The Properties You Sell

Simple Pricing for realtors to get their properties cleaned, give a home-warming gift, or clean up after an open house. Please give us a call for further information regarding your needs for cleaning.

Working with realtors is easy for us to get your home show ready. Maid in the QC is usually able to work in a cleaning within a day for quick turn around time so that your house doesn’t look bad for long. 

Most realtors leave lockboxes at the residence for easy scheduling of handling of the cleaning service. If there is a lockbox on the door, our certified maids can come in the afternoon when no-one is home and out of the way to clean the property. 

Realtors can also join our affiliate program that pays for every referred maid or cleaning service. Contact us here to find out how to get signed up as an affiliate.

Maid in the QC offers many realtors, most of which come from Zillow an easy to book maid and cleaning service. If you are interested in working with us, you can give us a call at 980-389-0039 to get special realtor cleaning prices. 

Realtor cleaning for Charlotte NC

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